SB19 X Chynna Mamawal Team Up for Limited-edition Premium Collec

The Philippines’ very own OPM boy band, SB19, collaborates with beautiful fashion designer Chynna Mamawal for a new project.

The SB19 members, Pablo, Josh, Justin, Stell, and Ken, along with Mamawal, gave their exclusive interview to the media members for a press conference regarding the group’s upcoming limited-edition premium collection on April 21 2021.

The press meeting was held through Zoom. Throughout the conference, SB19’s leader shared how grateful he is to work together with an astounding creator for their first fashion collaboration.

They were able to come up with their amazing designs stating:

“She’s an amazing person, sobrang professional, sobrang open-minded din sa mga suggestions namin.”

(She’s an amazing person, a real professional, exceptionally open-minded to our suggestions.)

“We’re honored to work with Miss Chynna.”

Fashion designer Mamawal did not hesitate to admit, the streetwear concept was a fresh take for her profession. 

“Streetwear is very new to me, and I have myself in this whole new world na streetwear and their music,” she confessed.

Nonetheless, designer Mamawal did not deny the pleasure of the challenge and said:

“It’s very fun to do so I went to them one by one, and I asked them their color palette, kumbaga yung favorite colors nila. I took it from there.”

The other members of SB19 chimed in. Stell and Josh shared that they feel Miss Mawawal was passionate about her craft and gives all her effort. That everything quickly fell into place, and the products fit the group well.

There are two sets from the SB19 What?! Premium collection that’s functional, cool, stylish, and cool! Ensuring that the A’TIN members from SB19’s fandom will love it!


“The color palette is more of the Philippine flag colors, which is a direct reference to the song ‘What?’ Because it means ‘watawat.'”


The set focuses more on the members. 

“I want the pieces to be very personal and very them.”

Mamawal added that she created an SB19 Woman collection too and the SB19 Sporty Guys collection.

What’s more, the SB19 Premium WHAT?! collection has a surprise too!

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